The app that these gang stalkers are using

gang stalking = dirty job
gang stalking = dirty job

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Info ou Intox ?

illuminati Code Words to stop gang stalking and harassment

On peut lire ceci dans les commentaires de la vidéo :

"I found the app that these gang stalkers are using. a close friend was using the app to make money but, found out I was listed to be located in their database. the app is called "update by VA repo", disguised as an app for repo companies[u][/u]. they give people your last location, name, picture and type of vehicle that you drive, offering $20 to whomever can spot you. I figure it's a government app because there's no way to leave a bad review."

Si quelqu'un a des informations à ce sujet, merci pour vos commentaires.

Ps : Ce qui suit n'a rien à voir avec ce post, mais comme le 1er janvier 2018 est proche, il est urgent selon moi de s'informer au sujet des 11 vaccins obligatoires :

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